Kunoichi Project: Domino Pendant Party

After sharing this domino pendant project with Denver Craft Ninjas, I realized how perfect this project would be for a small party!
I decided to ask my mom to invite some of her friends and employees over for a more intimate get together over the Thanksgiving weekend. My mom whisked up some turkey enchiladas, some hot buttered rum and we had ourselves one heck of a good time!

There are two different ways that we decorated our pendants – with or without alcohol inks. In both instances, we used rubber stamps from The Enchanted Gallery that are specifically made to fit to the size of the dominoes.
Domino pendants are so much fun and with enough dominoes everyone can craft to their heart’s content!

Alcohol Inks
Alcohol Ink Applicator
Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt
Alcohol Blending Solution
Black StazOn Stamp Pad
Rubber Stamps
Water based markers
Aanaraku Bails
E-6000 – Industrial Strength Adhesive

1.) Be sure to cover your space! Use some craft paper or butcher paper to protect your table from the alcohol ink pigments.

2.)Grab a domino and get to work! Alcohol inks are pretty darn easy. It’s an organic process; a process that you develop as you apply the inks. Apply colors fast and furious for a more vibrant marbleized surface or go slow and steady and watch as the ink dries for a more deliberate configuration of color and texture.

Using an ink applicator, attach a clean felt pad to its velcro surface and make sure it’s secure. Then, in whatever arrangement tickles you, apply as many alcohol inks as you’d like. I usually choose three colors, add 6-7 drops of ink, and space their application on the felt pad so they’re not right up against one another. Then add the alcohol blending solution. This product thins out the ink and allows you to control the amount of ink that you will apply to the domino surface.

3.) Stamp away! Using the ink applicator, add color to the surface of your domino. I’d suggest going slow at first so you can see the way the alcohol inks reacts to the surface. If you lightly blow on the surface, you can push the ink and blending solution and help it to dry more quickly. Again, this process is organic and you’ll find that as you proceed.

Also, don’t be afraid to make a mistake! The blending solution will wipe away the ink on your domino and create a fresh surface if you don’t like how it has turned out. Simply take a felt applicator pad and apply a little blending solution to it and then wipe away the ink on your domino. The domino won’t be white, as a bit of residual ink will remain, but it will give you the opportunity to try again.

4.) Once you have the domino decorated the way you’d like, you can add a stamp! I used a black StazOn stamp pad. The name says it all. This ink is meant to stick, but with that comes some hurdles for first time stampers. To stamp a domino, after you’ve applied alcohol inks, remember to make sure the alcohol ink is dry. Ink up your stamp and place it face up on a solid surface.  Carefully, center your domino over the stamp and place it firmly on the stamp. Remember, if you wiggle your domino or it slides on the stamp…your design (both the alcohol ink and the stamp) will be mucked up. Be deliberate and apply firm pressure all over the back of the domino to be sure the image is completely stamped on the other side. Then anchor the stamp and quickly pull the domino away from the stamp.

Ideally, the image will be perfectly rendered over your lovely alcohol ink design. However, if it’s not, don’t forget that you can wipe it all away and start anew with the alcohol blending solution.

5.) The same rules apply if you decide to stamp the domino and then use markers to decorate the stamp design rather than alcohol inks. This style adds a pop of color to the stamp design.

Let your stamp dry completely before applying markers to your domino. If you jump the gun, the ink of the marker will smear the stamp ink. It’s smart to use water based markers to apply color to the design as they don’t break down the StazOn ink, but their vibrance pales in comparison to a permanent marker. If you opt for a permanent marker, carefully color in the lines so as not to smear the stamp.

This project is super simple and ANYONE can do it! But sometimes it’s nice to have someone else bring all the materials and teach you how to do it!
That’s why we’re here! We’d love to share this project with you and some of your friends. Let us customize the project just for you – maybe tile coasters instead of pendants?

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